Drywall Finishing 101: Watch Out for These Signals for Drywall Repair 

Drywall Finishing

Witnessing your walls transformed with a professional drywall finishing the job is remarkable. But, we must all accept that there may arise occasions where repairs are necessary due to unavoidable factors and circumstances. As such, homeowners need to discern when signs of repair demand attention – both in identifying their needs and knowing how to address them. 

When signs appear, it is wise to enlist a professional drywall contractor for repair. You can even repair minor dents and holes. However, significant issues such as sagging, cracking, or water damage require professional attention. Doing so ensures that you make the proper repairs and that your home’s drywall finishing remains safe from further structural harm. 

Drywall Finishing Holes

A common indicator of drywall repair is the small holes created when someone accidentally slams a door or hangs an object too heavy for your wall. 

If a hole in your wall or ceiling is small enough, you can repair it using an appropriate kit at any hardware store. Although these kits are more convenient and cost-effective than hiring a professional contractor, they sometimes yield better results if done correctly– the patch job will be noticeable. On the other hand, holes larger than 6 inches require more comprehensive repairs, such as removing the damaged area and replacing it with new drywall sections. 

Wall Discoloration

Discoloration on walls or ceilings is likely a sign of an unexpected issue that requires immediate attention on your drywall finishing. A professional drywall contractor can identify the exact cause and provide a solution for your discolored drywall finishing, ranging from excessive moisture to electrical problems. Ignoring this issue can lead to more significant problems, such as mold growth or structural damage, so it is crucial to address the problem promptly. 

Visible Cracks

Aging, improper installation, or natural disasters cause cracks in drywall finishing. While some cracks may be minor, and people can fill them without needing an expert’s assistance, others may require special attention and care. 

drywall crack repair

There are different types of cracks to watch out for: 

  1. If you spot a long, jagged crack in the walls of your home, it could indicate deeper structural problems. 
  2. If you live with recurring cracks along your frames, it might be time to call an experienced drywaller who can permanently stop this issue. 
  3. Homeowners should not overlook repairing a horizontal crack, which could indicate underlying foundation or structural problems. Ignoring these types of cracks in your drywall finishing can lead to severe consequences in the future and must be addressed accordingly with professional assistance. 
  4. If you notice narrow, extended cracks on your walls, it could mean incorrectly installed drywall tape. Although this should be handled by a professional immediately, generally, these cracks don’t indicate any deep-rooted issues with your home. 

Changes in the Drywall Finishing Texture

The texture of drywall can indicate potential signs of repair. If you notice any changes in the drywall’s texture, such as bumps or ripples on your walls, you should address it immediately, as it may be due to moisture damage. Other warning signs include sagging ceiling tiles, bubbling paint, and flaking/poorly finished surfaces. 

Your Hero: Professional Drywall Contractors Who Go Above and Beyond

Act swiftly if you face an issue with your drywall. Delaying the matter can lead to the need for more costly repairs. Therefore, your first step should always be to contact a professional drywall contractor and receive their quality services to resolve any problems or concerns related to your walls. 

At Orlando Drywall Installation Pros, we strive to offer extraordinary services and long-lasting results. Our highly skilled professionals have comprehensive knowledge about drywall repair and installation, so they can identify your requirements accurately and develop customized solutions that best suit you! 

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