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There are several techniques when installing a drywall. Watching YouTube videos that show how to install drywall and doing it yourself may not be ideal and economical. Applying various techniques, using the correct tools, and quality materials can be tedious and definitely technical. Leave this job to the experts and let them do it correctly. If you managed to install the drywall, the tendency is that your taping, mudding, and finishing may not be of good quality. A poorly installed drywall and finished inappropriate can easily sustain damages like patches, holes, and cracks even from weak blows and other physical harm and pressure. If this happens, it is either you do another DIY repair or you call an expert to do the job for you, this time correctly. If you happen to choose the former, then you are up to another repair in two to three months’ time. Costly, isn’t it? Letting the team of drywall experts handle the job for you is more productive, wise, and economical. While yes, you have to pay the business, you will save more because a wall, floorings, or ceilings done correctly can last up to at least a decade without even having to repair it. 

Orlando Drywall Repair Pros offers its service to both residential and commercial clienteles. Our service is flexible and whether you own a house of any size or an office, our drywall experts and commercial drywall contractors can do the job for you. 

If you are a business owner or a part of a business looking for drywall installation or repair, Orlando Drywall Repair Pros have an extensive experience in doing business to business service. We have done projects in the food service industry, health care facilities and clinics, government offices, small business offices, and corporate offices, banks, hotels, and resorts. In any commercial project, we assess the size of the team depending on the size of the project and the requirement of our clients. That way, we can still commit to our turnaround time while delivering quality drywall repair or drywall installation service to our clients. 

What our Orlando Drywall Contractors can do.

With the shortest time possible, depending on the size of the project, experts can finish the job without even you knowing it. We use tools that can improve the turnaround time. We make sure that insulating and moisture barriers are installed correctly prior to installing panels of drywall. We also use the top-down approach which is the best practice in drywall installation. 

Our experts also use a minimum of ten feet and a maximum of twelve feet-long panels to improve turnaround time. Using such panel sizes, a small room can be covered just using six to eight drywall panels. 

During an all-inclusive drywall installation which normally includes the walls and the ceilings, our experts use automatic drywall lift to safely and efficiently lift panels to place them against the ceilings. Depending on the condition of the place and the space available, our experts have other techniques that can use to make the drywall installation more efficient and effective.  

Our commercial drywall contracts on the other hand and team are experienced in bigger projects compared to residential which usually have lighter work requirements. The difference is that commercial drywalls are much extensive, and wirings and wall sockets are more often needed.

Hence, cutting small portions of drywall is often needed. 

Repair and Patching Your Drywall

Most of our orders specifically require repair and re-patching. During assessments, our experts usually can measure in estimation the age of the walls and ceilings just by looking at its color and examining its surface. Unfortunately, most of the cases that we receive from clients asking for drywall repair and patching are that their drywalls are already up for repair while they are still relatively new. The reason could be the poor quality of materials or improper installations of drywall and what we like to call finishing an unfinished wall. This means that although the wall may look great, the work done was a shortcut to save time and to save on money. 

Have you heard about a house infested by bats and pests? Cockroaches and rats living inside those holes. That is because the wall is hollow. A small crack and dent may lead to a hole. These small holes often invite small unwanted visitors like cockroaches and flies. They live amongst your family and inside your house without you knowing it. You can avoid these problems by contracting our best Orlando drywall contractors.

Patching System – The Best Drywall Repair

We know that home repairs can be exhausting with men working inside your house, you cannot function at your most optimal state. We figured out that our clients do not just want quality service but also fast service. 

The common struggle of drywall companies is that quality service means long hours and multiple days of work. For most cases, drywall repairs and patching can be as short as 2 days at best. Many companies may even last for five days or up to a couple of weeks depending on the size of the project and availability of materials. In Orlando Drywall Repair Pros, jobs can be as fast as 24 hours. And with our new technology, we can do less than a day of job. 

We value our clients’ time and space and that is because we try to put our feet in the shoes of our clients. And yes, we realize that it is very tiring to see men working inside your house. That is why we have developed the fastest patching system so we can repair your drywall instantly with just one visit. We have created this patching system for two reasons: 1) Decrease turnaround time, and 2) Minimize specks of dust produced. This patching system uses a patching material that dries in less than an hour so that your wall is ready for finishing touches immediately. And in a matter of 12 to 24 hours, your wall is ready for painting already. 

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Our commitment propelled us to be in this competitive landscape and we enjoy the thriving competition that makes the service even better. At the same time, this provides better quality options for customers who are looking for drywall repair services. We schedule appointments not only at the earliest time possible but also at the most convenient time for our clients. 

Invest in your home by making sure your drywall is on par with the best quality and standards.

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