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Drywall Texturing or much commonly referred to as drywall texture matching is much complicated than you think. That is why most of our drywall experts call it an “art” of drywall. Most companies offer drywall texturing or drywall texture matching but not everyone can deliver as promised. That is because applying drywall texture matching is much complicated and required more skills and experience. 

Drywall texture is a combination of many applications such as spray-on, paint-on, or the combination of both. Regardless of the project, drywall texturing is essential to create a consistent texture of the surface from ceilings to walls. Repairing your drywall requires going all over again from the start. That means your drywall needs re-texturing again. 

If you are having a portion of your wall that needs repair or patching holes in drywall, our drywall experts are the right person to call. We have experienced drywall experts and drywall contractors who can do the job instantly without compromising quality. 

Drywall finishing and drywall texturing are essential most importantly if you are eyeing to put your property up on a sale. Buyers nowadays are very keen on observing even the smallest details such as unfinished drywall or an off texture from your walls or ceilings. A simple observation will definitely turn them away from buying the property. These little details of your walls and ceilings can be a deal breaker most especially if you are selling on the lavish lifestyle end of the consumer spectrum. A number of jobs received by our drywall contractor are not only drywall repair, drywall patching, or drywall finishing. We often receive job orders that require drywall texturing only because the previous drywall contractor did not do it and they were unaware of these nuances. These are what we call “bad jobs” or incomplete jobs. Imagine paying for something that was not delivered to you. The worst thing is that you have no idea that the job was incomplete until another drywall expert tells you about it.

More About Drywall Texturing

You probably heard about drywall texture and what value it creates to your walls and ceilings. There are quite a handful of drywall textures and some of them can be DIY-ed. However, more complex, and elegant looking textures require skills and techniques that any do-it-yourself job can do. If you wish to have them fixed onto your wall, better leave the work to the experts. Usually, drywall experts can do the job within a day or two depending on the size of the wall or ceilings. But the upside is that they can get the job done fast and right. Remember, doing your drywall the right way means avoiding unnecessary costs of poor finishes and application that is simply brought by moisture exposure or anything that damages the wall.

If you are also on a tight budget, Orlando Drywall Repair Pros is the best drywall company that employs the best drywall contractors and experts who can do the work from assessment, drywall installation, and up to drywall finishing. 

Below are some of the drywall textures that offer various styles and charms to fit your aesthetic and the overall elegance of your house. 

Popcorn Ceiling Texture

One of the best-known drywall textures, popcorn ceiling looks like a splatter of paint from a distance but has unique rough rounded uneven textures. This uneven distribution makes it uniquely elegant and attractive. It is specially used as an economical solution after doing repairs on your ceilings. Popcorn ceiling also absorbs or reduces sound because of its thick layers from the inside. Most households use this type of ceilings in their music room, theatre rooms, or even in bedrooms. This is common in the duplex type of establishments and apartments where two or more residents are residing in one building. 

The popcorn ceiling has been around for almost half a century. There are quite some developments on its materials and on how to apply them. Due to health hazards, asbestos is replaced by another material that functions practically the same to minimize risks. 

Spray Sand Ceiling Texture

Mixing sand with a primer, with water, or a very thin loam application which then sprayed onto ceilings and walls using a hopper gun. Spray Sand Ceiling offers a texture that is strong and resilient from most impacts and pressures. 

Using a drywall hopper makes the application seamless and easy. However, it requires skill and some knowledge that DIY projects might not be able to achieve. Application of spray sand ceiling texture using the hopper gun is fast and can save time.

Orange Peel Drywall Texture

A subtle crease that produces a unique orange peel texture. The name orange peel drywall texture literally comes from comparing it to a texture of an orange peel. With gentle curves and bends, the orange peel drywall texture is a one-of-a-kind texture finish and a popular choice for most homeowners and office spaces. It also has three variations from light, medium, and up to heavy. Each has its unique distinctions and frequencies of that uneven tones and curves. 

Multi-Colored Lace Drywall Texture

A lace drywall with a combination of two or more different colors makes a vivid effect that is visually enticing. The application of multi-colored lace drywall is not simple and requires a certain set of knowledge and skills. Because it is multi-colored, the application requires a multi-layer of application that uses various materials such as mud, paint, spray solutions, and many more. Using a knockdown knife, a two-layer texture is created with two or more colors are displayed.

Drywall Comb Texture

Using a toothed trowel or a handheld tool that looks like a small shovel, comb texture can be applied. With steady hands and careful application of patterns, it creates a series of patterns and outlines. Observing these patterns in a distance makes the whole wall or ceiling look elegant. The intricacy of each design depends on the skills and creativity of the expert.

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