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Popcorn Ceiling Removal, Orlando FL

Popcorn ceiling was a thing way back in the 80s up to the early 90s. Since then, the aesthetic slowly fades away and gradually replaced by other designs and in-style applications. These applications and solutions are either innovations of the styles in the past or completely new designs. Popcorn ceiling removal is not an easy job. It usually requires tools that are used to effectively remove the drywall panels completely from walls or ceilings. Patching drywall holes also shares the same level of knowledge and skills as well as sheetrock repairs. More importantly, when deciding to remove your popcorn ceiling or any drywall textures from your walls to change it to a more modern sophisticated designs, you should make sure to hire an expert on drywall. 

Orlando Drywall Repair Pros specializes in popcorn ceiling removal and other similar jobs for your house’s drywall such as patch drywall, drywall installation, or patch hole in the drywall. Our Orlando drywall contractors can do the job regardless of the size and requirement you may have. 

Why you need your popcorn ceiling removed?

You may need to remodel your old and outdated house interior. After years of keeping that 80s style, you may outgrow the love for it and feel like modernizing your interior will keep your house fresh and renewed. For most homeowners, remodeling and restructuring of their house are one step to giving their old home a new life. During the remodeling process, it is hard not to include your ceilings and walls. Take note that walls and ceilings contribute fairly to the whole aesthetic of the house. But together with the interior and other structures, remodeling will surely include ceiling and wall refurbishing too. 

Popcorn ceiling is common most especially when you have a home that was built in the 80s or early 90s. That is because popcorn ceiling was a thing back then. Ceilings and walls have certainly created an impression that subtly compliments the whole style of the house. Removing the popcorn ceiling helps you in regaining that style. 

Orlando Drywall Repair Pros and its team of drywall experts specialize in popcorn ceiling removal. Our experts with high skills and knowledge in this area of expertise can do the job fast and in a safe manner, eliminating the risk of asbestos contamination. Our experts apply the latest knowledge and techniques in order to better serve our clients. With the right tools and materials, the job can be finished in as fast as one day or a couple of days. Of course, the length of the job turnaround time will always depend on how big the project is and what the requirements are. 

How do we remove your Popcorn Ceiling?

There are many nuances that should be known in order to do the popcorn ceiling removal. Without the proper knowledge and doing it by yourself without any tools and equipment may only exposes you to harm and health risk. One of the main reasons why homeowners do this is because there are quite a handful of articles that teaches the right way of removing popcorn ceiling. Most often, these articles are correct. However, the problem is that execution matters. Asking for assistance with an expert or better yet hiring one can help you get things started the right way.

Thinking of removing your outdated popcorn ceiling? Look no further. Orlando Drywall Repair Pros is the right company to call and get the job done. Most of our clients who are thinking of remodeling their house have one common problem – popcorn ceiling removal. While popcorn ceiling is popular and stylish in the 80s and early 90s, it is now considered outdated and out of style. This makes modern contemporary house aesthetic does not include the application of popcorn ceiling. 

Asking us to do the popcorn ceiling removal needs a little information. While sometimes, our experts can spot on popcorn ceiling that uses asbestos, most of the time we need your inputs. This helps us decide on how to approach the removal and the treatment to minimize the health risk. Asbestos creates dangerous dust that may contaminate the air and could settle on your furniture, beds, and garments. A case study proposes that lung cancer and other respiratory diseases can be triggered because of asbestos inhalation. Knowing the percentage of asbestos is crucial when removing the popcorn ceiling. 

To help contain the contamination and protect your furniture, mattress, kitchen wares, and garments, we use cloths and fix them with tape and plastics to seal and keep the specks of dust during the process of removing the popcorn ceiling. Once everything is secured with a fine and thick cloth, our drywall experts will start the process of removing the panels. This technique helps us keep safety and health priorities for our clients. 

Here are a few things that should be considered when removing your popcorn ceiling

Dust and asbestos contamination can pose a serious health risk. That is why letting the expert do it is much better – economical and health-wise. Floors, furniture, kitchenware, and clothing are the most vulnerable when doing popcorn ceiling removal. The dust contaminates the air and can float for a couple of minutes before settling on to surfaces. Using drop cloths and securing them with tapes and clips can help stop the spread and contamination of dust and asbestos. Secondly, it is not enough to scrape off the texture from the surface. Using tools that can scrape off completely the underlying ceiling surfaces can help remove the popcorn ceiling completely leaving you a smooth texture of your ceiling. 

After a day of scraping the surfaces to remove your popcorn ceilings, you might see spots that need patches and repairs. At one point, you may have scratched the surface too rough that it leaves a hole or cracks. Remember that it is important not to leave this behind and let it sit for years. The tendency of leaving these repairable surfaces may pose a risk and can even cost you more in the long run. Re-patching holes and repainting them to maintain the smooth surface is important, too! 

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You may need to remodel your old and outdated house interior. After years of keeping that 80s style, you may outgrow the love for it and feel like modernizing your interior will keep your house fresh and renewed.

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